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  1. Turn GPS on your Samsung Galaxy Note8 Android 7.1 on or off
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  4. Samsung Galaxy Note8 - Turn GPS Location On / Off

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Go to the Settings app. Tap on the gear icon of the Settings app in the apps drawer to access it. You can also pull down the notification window and tap on the gear icon to directly open the Settings app.

Turn GPS on your Samsung Galaxy Note8 Android 7.1 on or off

Access the Security menu. Add or create a Samsung account. The option will redirect you to the Samsung account page. Here you can either sign in with your existing Samsung account credentials or create a new Samsung account.

Samsung phone: how to find the best Samsung smartphone for you | TechRadar

The switch will now turn green, which is a sign that the Find My Mobile service is active. Track your device. I found my solution by basing it on your Solution 4, and as you can see I just needed to tweak it a bit:. I hope that helps. In my situation I had just used Smart Switch to upgrade to the phone from a Note 4 to Note 8, and so it may have caused some errors along the way and hidden some things without marking them as hidden.

Sometimes I cannot see any apps … screen is blurry … if I hit the right spot they come back but I do not know what that spot is. I discovered solution though it is annoying. So basically just deactivate the app drawer and have only a homescreen.

Best Samsung phones 12222

Then reactivate it and done you should see it now. All other moveable apps can be moved. To get the proper icon display again proceed as follows: 1.

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Select: Storage settings 4. Wait a few minutes until the SD card is unmounted. A message will show it to be finished. When the SD card is mounted again, all the apps should show up again in the app dra wer s , with their proper icons. Copy missing icons on the Home screen from the corresponding app icons in the app drawer. If it does not work properly, repeat steps: 1 through 8. Hold homescreen until personalisation options comes up — home screen setting -about home screen — Tap app info — Storage — press clear data — press clear cache.

This is what I did and it worked for me. You need to press on a empty screen basically make appear the screen where you would want to add a new window. On the bottom right you should see home screen settings.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 - Turn GPS Location On / Off

Click on it. Then it would open home screen settings page. Once you click on it you show see two options: -One that says show apps button -Hide Apps button Obviously, select show apps button. Go back to your home screen and you should now be able to see the apps button on the bottom right of your screen. Hopefully this will help. Samsung support have suggested to back up and do a factory reset — but that seems a bit drastic someone pleeeeeease help :.

Thanks guus, thid article was really helpful to me, I had forgotten that the APP icon could be disabled in Note8 apps settings and that I had disabled it. Ensure that you download the Android Device Manager app from the Google Play Store if you are in a situation where you will need to use the app from another Android device. If for any reason the Andriod Device Manager does not work for you on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, then the alternative option is the Lookout. Lookout has almost the same features as the Android Device Manager and provides more general security options.

It is important to note that the most proven option of finding your lost or stolen Note 8 is to register and have access to the Android Device Manager properly.

How to Find a Lost or Stolen Android Phone

Released in from Google, this software is available on every modern Android device. The Android Device Manager is always available on most android devices but it will okay to check to be certain.